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Protect your business with Lup Guard our Cyber Security Solution. Block Malware, Phishing, Ads, and Trackers and keep your operations safe!

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Cyber Security Threats are on the rise and are finding ways to bypass your firewall and antivirus protection. Lup Guard our Cyber Security Solutions give you additional protection without slowing you down and are easy to deploy.

In addition of blocking malware and phishing, we are stopping ads and trackers to speed up your internet and give you back control over your network.

What do we protect you from?

Learn what protection our Cyber Security Solution provides to your business. We go beyond malware and phishing protection and give you more insights and control over your network!


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Why choose our Cyber Security Solution?








How does your protection work?

Our Cyber Security Solution provides DNS based security. This means we are preventing devices to access to malicious sites and content before they even make a connection. Our database of malicious domains is over 1.4 millions entries big and gets updated daily.

How do you handle data privacy?

All your detailed DNS queries stay within the security device on your premise and any reports are created there. This data is not to be resold and only processed to render agreed services for you.

I’ve already an adblocker on my browser. Why do I need this extra device?

With our device you firstly do not have to install anything on your devices to make it work. Secondly, we are also blocking unwanted connections outside the browser like mobile apps, malware that is already on your device.

How many devices are protected?

Once deployed, all devices within a network using our Cyber Security Solution as their DNS server are protected.

Could I not just build such a device myself?

With sufficient technical knowledge, certainly yes. We bring on the table a turnkey solution where you do not have to figure out the hardware, software, ongoing maintenance and all the details in between. Our Cyber Security Solution is fully supported by us so you can focus on your business and don’t tinker around.

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